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What’s your favorite bike in sight?

Furiosa bikes are specifically built to last you a long time without spending too much time or effort on maintaince.There is simply not much to go wrong thanks to the minimalist design and quality components.

We’ve made sure to add medical grade soft silicone grips and bartape, the industry leader Schwalbe puncture-proof tires and quality bearings all-round, for a smooth ride.

The double butted aluminium frame is hand-built in Europe. We wanted to show its every scratch and all the processed surfaces, so we’ve left the paint out and simply applied a strong clear coat, which brings shine and protection simultaneously. 

From great to


  • Rust-proof. Everything.
  • Puncture proof tires
  • Lightweight construction
  • Soft silicone grips/tape
  • 2 years warranty
Starting at (incl. VAT)

1.650 €

Delivered in 8-10 weeks.
Free shipping.
Deliveries in the EU only.

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Furiosa bikes are about design, quality, reliability, practicality and simplicity – it’s about balancing these concepts and combining them into a human powered machine meant to make life easier. Just down to earth. Sincere. That’s it.



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