Discover Furiosa

We make single speed city bikes which combine minimalistic, clean lines and striking overall appearance with great practicality: lightweight aluminium structure, high quality rust proof components and puncture proof tires.


Furiosa does not have a mission. No grand plan to save the world or make it perfect. Perfection is a matter of perspective. What’s perfect to me may not be perfect to you. What makes me happy may not make you happy.

It’s not about finding that common ground, it’s about the work we put in on becoming something greater. When enough people do that for themselves, great things happen for them, and then for everyone else.



To create cool, practical bikes and become the best version of ourselves.

To get better at it every single day.
Better than ourselves, not necessarily than others.

Purpose = why we exist as a company
Vision = what we want to become
Principles = uncompromising rules of existence




Respect for life

Too many times we as humans act out of fear and forget to stand up for our freedom and act with integrity. Furiosa is then perhaps something to remind us at every single ride that we are more powerful than we think.

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